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Pull your head out of you arse.

This is about imprisoned Australian Journalist, Peter Gresta, and his two Aljazeera colleagues. Peter Gresta particularly, you sentenced him to seven years imprisonment. This is an entirely appalling sentence. You know why?

Because he's innocent. You had no case against him. Your "evidence" was utterly fallacious. The entire trial was a farce. There was no justice dispensed. This was a political game, a stunt. 

A message to the Judge who handed down the sentence.

Come over to Australia. Come to my town, come to my house. Come inside, meet me, and tell me, to my face, that what you did was justice.

And you know what I'll tell you?

You are utterly incompetent and weak. There was no justice. There was no fair trial. The whole thing was entirely farcical, and yet three innocent men are still sentenced to prison for it.

You are liars. 

You are corrupt.

You are incapable.

You are, all of you, weak. You think you show strength, but all you do is bow to public pressure. You don't take the time to express common sense, nor do you even attempt to explain to your people just why they are innocent. You are not strong. You are weak.

I hope my government shows strength where you have failed to do so. It would be wrong for them to do nothing less than a boycott. Sanctions. This is far more than imprisoning three innocent men.

This is a reflection of who you really are; corrupt and incompetent. It sheds light on what may happen in the future, what else you may commit in your reign of stupidity.

Say it to my face. That you dispensed justice. Say it. And I will say to yours that you are a liar, and inept, and utterly lacking in any rhyme or reason that could be considered a form of "logic and intelligence".

You are murderers too. I know of the mass executions you have ordered. How many of them were innocent too? How many people, guilty of no more than being falsely accused, will have to die before you believe justice is done? How many?

You are pathetic.

And when the day is over and all is said and done, I will tell you to leave and to vacate my property before I call the police and have them arrest you for trespassing, for I can do that. It is illegal to loiter after the owner of the property has asked you to vacate. And all this I can say because of one little concept that Peter Gresta and his colleagues understood, but you do not, yet you wish to suppress it. You know what it is?

Freedom of speech.

Good day.
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I am Autistic, with Aspergers. Been picked on for the majority of my life. Wish I could turn into anything from my favourite game franchise, HALO without ill-effect. But wishes never come true. Just as Spartans Never Die.

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